Courtesy Vehicle Inspection

We at TGK Automotive offer a FREE full courtesy inspection on all makes and models with any paid service work that is completed in one of ou

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Oil Changes

Changing your engine oil is very important. Most manufacturers recommend changing your oil between 3,000 and 7,500 miles. It’s important t

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A tune-up is a maintenance service to keep the vehicle operating with optimal fuel efficiency and engine performance. This service consists

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Starting and Charging System

Starting and charging system consists of a few main components. You have your starter which takes its power from the battery and engages to

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TGK Automotive Fleet Services Benefits

TGK Automotive is a company that strives to satisfy the needs of our fleet service customers in servicing their imported and domestic vehicles. With premium grade products, friendly service, and years of tuning experience.

Every time you bring your vehicle in we not only fix it, but we do a courtesy full vehicle inspection. By doing this were helping our customers prepare for any future repairs. This will help our valued customers lower their repair bills by having routine inspections done and they are able to stay on top of any upcoming repairs.

We provide all our fleet service customers with the highest quality service and repairs. We want to build a positive relationship and trust so that all feel at ease and have no doubt in their mind that they are treated in a fair and positive manor. We will ensure that all issues and questions regarding the repair and maintenance of every vehicle were addressed with a clear and mutual understanding.

Code of Ethics

  • Maintain the highest level of repair and service at a fair price.
  • Maintain quality care of customer's vehicles when in TGK Automotive's possession
  • Maintain the highest standard of automotive service work.
  • Be devoted to customer satisfaction.
  • Be in compliance to all federal and state laws. We will go above and beyond federal regulations and use environmentally safe products.
  • Employing highly skilled ASE service technicians with TGK Automotive's mandatory policy of taking monthly training courses.